Online Course Cada Dia Welsh

"Virtual Immersion" web meetings in Welsh with helper text.

Cada Dia Welsh is a unique approach to authentic Welsh conversation, through large group web meetings in “Virtual Immersion.” We use Project-Based Learning (PBL) which supports independent learning through simple conversational activities to focus on social language exchange. Students and interested adults share stories, listen and learn in large scale online meetings with native or bilingual facilitators. Beginners may just listen, intermediate participants will read for the facilitators and advanced participants may share stories and learning tips.

Participants will...

  • be motivated to learn more about the Welsh language and culture;
  • participate in authentic conversational exchanges;
  • identify a song, or other cultural element in Welsh;
  • understand strategies to learn from conversational experiences in Welsh;
  • demonstrate ability to seek out conversational opportunities in Welsh.
8 Welsh Language Facilitators
298 Students and Participants

The schedule

Download the full schedule web meetings.

Cada Dia Welsh Facilitators

Bi-lingual Welsh Facilitators will help you gain confidence to speak Welsh.

Speaker 1


Bethan is a Welsh teacher in Cardiff, Wales. She loves traveling and enjoys meeting Welsh speakers around the world.

Speaker 2


Jess is a Cada Dia Welsh Facilitator from Cardiff, and has spoken Welsh as her first language, and is Bi-Lingual.

Speaker 3


Robert lives in the United States. He runs a Welsh language meet-up in his local area and teaches for Cymdeithas Madog.

Speaker 4


Teleri has lived in Wales her entire life and enjoys teaching Welsh.

Speaker 5


Chief Language Officer promoting the Welsh Language throughout Bridgend County working for Menter Bro Ogwr.

Speaker 6


Ana teaches Welsh in Trelew, Argentina.

Speaker 7


Christine teaches Welsh and other languages. She was born in Wales and lives in Ottawa, Canada.

Speaker 8


Tegid enjoys speaking Welsh with his mother and friends from Wales. He currently lives in the Boston Area.

Cada Dia WELSH Online Meetings

Join others to share Welsh language and culture

We will invite intermediate and advanced Welsh speakers to join the panel and share stories, news and tips. Beginners will listen and learn.

Online Course

Join the Online Course to practice with others before each meeting. See all of the Cada Dia Welsh Activities and get help creating your activity.

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Partner 2
Partner 3
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Cada Dia Welsh - Frequent Questions

  • How much does it cost?

    This program is funded by the Welsh Government, and is offered free during the eight-week pilot session. The future of the program will depend on subscriptions and organizational support. Please contact the organizers to sustain the social language learning program.

  • Is there a book?

    This innovative curriculum has a framework of social language learning activities. There is no text to purchase, however we encourage participants to study in a traditional classroom, join other online learning programs and obtain language learning texts for personal skill building.

  • How do I register?

    There are several ways to register. Register on this site, to receive instructions on how to join the online class and each of the daily web meetings. You may participate on social media, and we will invite you to one of the open houses.


Social language learning is very different.

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